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At Genius Math, we offer a glimpse of our regular classes through a one-hour class completely free of cost. We provide online tutoring with special methodology base on identifying the fundamental problems (root cause analysis) and addressing them. The objective of this class is to familiarise parents with our faculty, understand the process and how we function as a team.
The hour-long demo class helps parents find the relevant approach to help their children focus on academics better and perform their optimum level. This lesson is completely free, so register now with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, all our math tutors are qualified educationists with a combined experience of nearly 40 years. The programme is led by Dr. Radjabalipour, world renowned mathematician and academician. Designed and catered by award winning mathematicians with experienced teaching experience, the curriculum has witnessed success in other parts of the world for over two decades now.

Classes for Grade I – XII (Fall season) – September 28, 2020 onwards

Classes for Grade I – XII (Winter season) – January 4, 2020 onwards

Classes for Grade I – XII (Spring season) – March 29, 2020 onwards

Yes, you can change your child’s programme from Standard to Gold as and when it suits you provided all criterion are met. Please note, switch to Platinum is only possible within first two weeks from the starting date of the course.

While our 4-pronged approach has been designed to ensure success for every student. In case of any dissatisfaction, post consideration of the goals set mutually by the team and the student’s family and co-operation of the student, team will refund the fee.

Yes, the students can withdraw from the course within the first week. The fees will the refunded post reduction of charges.

I signed up my both kids with Genius Math. Their teacher is super enthusiastic and make them interested in math. totally recommended..
Free Math Session
Christiana Portillo
Genius Math boosted my daughter's confidence in math.
Free Math Session
Dane Brennan
This is the best investment I've made for my son's education. He is now loving math and excelling beyond his respective grade levels.
Jenna Wu

Why choose genius math?

Why choose genius math?


Our teachers are all top mathematicians. This means that students will learn from the experts of this field.

Unique Methodology

Proper evaluation and education is our number one priority. We only assign tailored homework and customized exams to our students.

Virtual Camp

Our experienced instructors ensure participative, interactive lessons for your children to attend from the comfort of their homes.

100% Money Back

We guarantee results for our platinum packages. If for any reason, this did not work for you, we will happily refund the full course amount.

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Genius Math is a state of the art, sophisticated solution created by veteran mathematicians to help strengthen your child’s aptitude for the subject and help them navigate mathematical concepts under expert guidance. Available for children in Canada and the United States, Genius Math has been designed to build on the current syllabi for grades 1-12 and the required knowledge to excel in a STEM related career. With customised programs available for children designed to foster their abilities and potential, Genius Math offers the opportunity to strengthen foundational math concepts, catered by the best in the educational sector.

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