The secret to the success of Genius Math lies in our three-pronged approach that ensures a child not complete their homework but also gain enough confidence in mathematics to establish the building blocks toward a successful career. Designed by industry veterans, all of whom have gained prominence in the field of mathematics, our curriculum will help strengthen your child’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities while ensuring improved academic performance.

Our system is based upon the understanding that every child is one-of-a-kind and so is their way of learning. With the motto of “learning through evaluation,” we aim to analyze every student to get to the root problem and recognize where they need more support while building their strengths further.

In our first step, we dedicate a 30-minute consultation that helps us gather the necessary data for us. During this time our team of experts talk with the parents and direct them towards the right diagnosis plan. They will also inform the parents about what they speculate to be the root cause of the issue and answer any questions they might have. This conversation also establishes the tone and approach our teachers will take later on to assure our students are totally comfortable with us. And did we tell you this is all free? Well it is!

The second step is the assessment step! This is the step where our professionals accurately diagnose the issues present. Experience shows that 8 out of 10 students are struggling with math because at some point they did not grasp a basic concept and hence had not able to build upon it. Our team of professionals extracts this information like diamonds! That is just one example though. Whatever the root cause may be, we’ll find it and have plans for it! Our assessment also shines if your child wants to take things up a notch or even compete in national or international competitions. This assessment comes with it’s own detailed report and academic plan, can be virtual or in-campus
and, you guessed it, it’s free!

Once everything is sorted and settled, our team will provide a detailed academic plan including the solution for overcoming the issues diagnosed in the previous steps, the number of sessions necessary for overcoming each trouble and so many other ways your child can benefit from our courses such as homework assistance or exam preparation. 


What We Offer​

At Genius Math, we understand that every child is different and so are their needs to understand and grow comfortable with Mathematics. Through a strategic approach of combining assignments, in class learning (virtual) and mentorship, we strive to build confidence in mathematics. In order to meet the needs of each child effectively, we offer three packages:
Standard, Gold, and Platinum. The three packages provide parents with the opportunity to choose a program that is suitable for their child's needs. Read below to know more about the packages:


What Parents Say?

I signed up my both kids with Genius Math. Their teacher is super enthusiastic and make them interested in math. totally recommended..
Free Math Session
Christiana Portillo
Genius Math boosted my daughter's confidence in math.
Free Math Session
Dane Brennan
This is the best investment I've made for my son's education. He is now loving math and excelling beyond his respective grade levels.
Jenna Wu

Why choose genius math?

Why choose genius math?


Our teachers are all top mathematicians. This means that students will learn from the experts of this field.

Unique Methodology

Proper evaluation and education are our number one priority. We only assign tailored homework and customized exams to our students.

Virtual and In-Person

Our experienced instructors ensure engaging and interactive lessons for your children either in person or from the comfort of their homes.

100% Money Back

We guarantee results for our platinum packages. If for any reason, this did not work for you, we will happily refund the full course amount.

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays The Best Interest”

Benjamin Franklin

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