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Math Grade 1 – 12.

The First Step Is Always An Assessment!

Why The Need For Assessment?

Determine Where Your Child Is Headed in Their Grade, and Give Them The Help That They Badly Need To Reach Their Desired Math Grade.


"Thanks to Genius Math, my son had a thorough assessment. I now have a better understanding of his math level and the areas he has to focus more on!"
Elaine Murphy
“The report we got after the assessment session was very comprehensive! One of their advisors even called me to review it together and helped me with a recommended path forward for my daughter."
Mary Casy

Why Choose
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Our teachers are all top mathematicians. This means that students will learn from the experts of this field.

Unique Methodology

Proper evaluation and education are our number one priority. We only assign tailored homework and customized exams to our students.

Zoom Lessons

Our experienced instructors ensure engaging and interactive lessons for your children, from the comfort of their homes on zoom.

100% Money Back

We guarantee results for our platinum packages. If for any reason, this did not work for you, we will happily refund the full course amount.

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