Grade 8 Math

Almost on the threshold of high school, Grade 8 is always considered to be the fun grade. This is also the year where academic competition starts to rise and directions towards future careers begin to be mapped. Strengthening of mathematics concept in this grade also becomes imperative. Moving from the world of basic decimals and fractions, Grade 8 further explores equations and proportional relationships and introduces the concepts of quadrants and axes.

At Genius Math, we want to help the child develop an aptitude for mathematics and explore the subject’s potential using their creativity instead of fearing the numbers. Mathematics forms the steppingstone for several science and logic driven professions including Coding, Engineering, and Aerospace among others. Genius Math makes the learning of math interesting and helps children to gain clarity in mathematical concepts. This makes children enjoy math rather than fear it.

Our curriculum, taught by veteran mathematicians, places emphasis on strengthening the child’s confidence in the subject and helps them understand how important math is in their future careers.

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What We Offer​

At Genius Math, we understand that every child is different and so are their needs to understand and grow comfortable with Mathematics. Through a strategic approach of combining assignments, in class learning (virtual) and mentorship, we strive to build confidence in mathematics. In order to meet the needs of each child effectively, we offer four lesson packages. The four lesson packages provide parents with the opportunity to choose a program that is suitable for their child's needs. Read below to know more about the packages:


What Parents Say?

I signed up my both kids with Genius Math. Their teacher is super enthusiastic and make them interested in math. totally recommended..
Free Math Session
Christiana Portillo
Genius Math boosted my daughter's confidence in math.
Free Math Session
Dane Brennan
This is the best investment I've made for my son's education. He is now loving math and excelling beyond his respective grade levels.
Jenna Wu

Our Plans


Why choose genius math?

Why choose genius math?


Our teachers are all top mathematicians. This means that students will learn from the experts of this field.

Unique Methodology

Proper evaluation and education is our number one priority. We only assign tailored homework and customized exams to our students.

Virtual Camp

Our experienced instructors ensure participative, interactive lessons for your children to attend from the comfort of their homes.

100% Money Back

We guarantee results for our platinum packages. If for any reason, this did not work for you, we will happily refund the full course amount.

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