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What we offer

At Genius Math, we regard each child as a diamond yet uncut, and lying deep within them is a genius waiting to be discovered.  We provide one-on-one tailored math tutoring sessions based on this philosophy.   All our expert tutors are certified and they hold dear to this philosophy. 

We help all students from grades 1 to 12. However, to help us manage the needs of students effectively, we have divided the course into grades 1 to 6 and grades 7 to 12.

Our Method:

We work with the child to make them shine as the true diamond that they are and bring out the genius in them.

  • Online

Through Zoom. All you need is a laptop with a working webcam and a microphone.

  • In-Person

If a student needs it, we have teachers who will come to a predetermined location to teach the student.

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Having a Strong math foundation At An Early Age Is very Important To Your Child's Academic Development

Our aim is to provide your child with a solid foundation in math. We help them to master all the important math concepts and skills at their grade and prepare them for their next stage.

We recognize the following math characteristics in building a good foundation for your child’s academic achievement.

  1. Math is logic:  Helps the decision-making process of the child, and helps the child to develop logical thinking skills.
  2. Math is creative: Mathematical problems challenge students to think in different ways as there are many ways to solving a mathematical problem.  This helps to build divergent thinking and creative skills in the child.
  3. Math is needed for many other subjects such as Coding, Science, Technology, and Engineering.  Laying a good foundation in math makes learning these subjects easier. 
  4. Math is fun: Understanding the basic concepts in mathematics at an early age makes it easier and fun to learn math at later ages. 

What is included?

  • Free Initial Assessment. We find out what math concepts and skills your child is currently learning at school, what concepts they are finding difficult to master, identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor the lesson plans to meet their needs. We do not only help with current grade problems but also help with weakness in previous grade and turn them to strengths, going forward.
  • One-on-one Attention Focused Lessons. It is a known fact that one-on-one tutoring is one of the most effective afterschool activities that helps a child to gain academic excellence above their peers.
  • Comprehensive Math Tutoring. We teach your child all the math skills required at their level and set them up for progress in the next stage of their learning
  • Total Flexibility to Fit in With Family Plans. We offer total flexibility around lesson times and choice of topics so your child can decide when to start and what days of the week and times in the day that they want to have their lessons
  • Extra Homework Help. Our tutoring schedule is completely flexible and we can devote some of the booked hours time to helping the child with their math homework.
  • Educational Guidance & Mentorship.  Our professional educational consultant with years of experience in teaching math will listen to your child and help them in their math education pathway.

Helping Your Child to get A+ in Math

We have a structured approach to help your child to get a better grade than previously.  We also have special programs where we set a goal for a grade and or level and guarantee to get the child to that grade.  Our process:

  • Assess the child's level of proficiency in Math and to determine their strengths and weaknesses in previous grades.
  • Plan for the best solution by focusing on the child's weak areas in math and teaching them effective studying skills that will improve their grade. 
  • After the assessment and planning, we provide an estimation of what we think the child can achieve within a certain time frame based on the numbers of hours and lessons booked. 

We Organize our lessons in 5 hours, 20 hours and 50 hours packages

Every child has a different need.  Some have all the knowledge that they require in a specific area of math, and all that they need is an expert guidance to push them over the line to attain excellence.  Depending on the specific areas of math, such children may require one lesson or multiple lessons of about five hours each to help them with the specific challenges they may be facing in math.

Depending on your child’s needs, you can book multiple 5-hour lessons, however we give a discount for booking 20 hours or 50 hours.  From experience, most children need a minimum of 20 hours to master a specific area of math. When you purchase a 20-hour or 50-hour package, not only does this allow the child to have total flexibility to mix and match topics and areas, but it is also cheaper than booking multiple separate 5-hour lessons. Furthermore, booking for 20 and 50 hours has added benefits:

  • Students Goal-Oriented
  • Ultimate Scheduling Flexibility
  • Post-Lesson Progress Report
  • Exam Samples Provided for Practice

mentorship Program

Our mentors build a trust relationship with the children, gain their confidence and instill discipline in them to maintain focus.

Mentors advise students on the use of new technologies, behavior at school for success and much more. They listen to problems students face at school and guide them on how to deal with these problems and challenges.

Students can count on their  mentors to:

  • Help to develop their educational plan
  • Help to set a grade goal and keep on track to achieve it
  • Motivate them to grow and work efficiently

Some Of Our Teachers

All our teachers are certified professionals, friendly and interact well with children to bring out the best in them.

Professor Mehdi Radjabalipour
(Ph.D. mathematics)

Dr. Mehdi Radjabalipour is an accomplished mathematician and a mathematics professor. He was awarded his Ph.D. in mathematics from the prestigious University of Toronto. He has taught mathematics in many institutions around the world and has supervised over 20 mathematics Ph.D. students.

He has won many prizes from prestigious Mathematical Societies and universities and has more than 70 papers published in international journals.

As a co-founder of Genius Math Inc. Professor Mehdi is responsible for quality and making sure that we deliver top notch math education. You can be rest assured that your child will receive a high level of math tuition.

Lessons & Pricing

No Monthly Fees. Purchase Lessons And Use As Your Child Needs!

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I signed up my both kids with Genius Math. Their teacher is super enthusiastic and make them interested in math.
Christiana Portillo
This is the best investment I've made for my son's education. He is now loving math and excelling beyond his respective grade levels.
Jeanna Wu
Genius Math boosted my daughter's confidence in math. A very big thank you to the certified professionals. You guys rock.
Dane Brennan

frequently asked questions

At Genius Math, we believe that it is never too young to introduce your child to the world of numbers and explore their hidden potential. Our programs begin from Grade I all the way to Grade XII to help the child develop an interest in the subject, hone their problem solving and critical thinking abilities while strengthening their foundational concepts for a brighter future.

Yes, all our math tutors are qualified educationists. The program is led by Dr. Radjabalipour, a world renowned mathematician and academician. Designed and catered by award winning mathematicians with professional teaching experience, the curriculum has witnessed success in Canada, the US, and other parts of the world for over two decades. 

We offer our classes all year round.

Yes, you can change your child’s programme and select a different package by contacting us. Please note that there might be a fee adjustion as the class rates may vary.

Yes, it is mandatory for every student to attend the online evaluation. Thiswill help us understand where the child requires more assistance and build their strong concepts further. The evaluation helps us create a tailored curriculum for the student which is in complete sync with the school’s syllabus to ensure symmetry in learning for the child.

To ensure transparency and monitor the student’s progress, the team will be conducting weekly evaluation tests, the results of which will be kept confidential and shared with the parents through their preferred medium of communication.

Yes, the students can withdraw from the course within the first week.

For children who prefer to learn in the company of their friends, we are offering a 50% discount at the registration of a second student under our buddy program, giving parents the option to even split the charges of the class equally between them as their children learn together.  

Please note that the students are required to be in the same grade and school to avoid any discontinuity in their learning.

We are also offering 10% off on a sibling’s registration*

(*discount applied on the program with lower price rate)

Yes, we do offer more advanced level program for students who have different goals, such as going beyond school curriculum, attending IB programs or having a plan to join International Math Olympiads.

Please contact us and we will assign you our top experts to help you on your math journey.

  1. Again, it depends. But usually after 3 months you will see the signs.

    • You understand the math better in your class
    • You are motivated to do more
    • You get better marks for sure

    If you do more, you will get more!

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